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Welcome to USA Online Gaming, where we are pleased to bring you details of legal online betting opportunities for players from the United States.

While most States still do not allow live betting in online casinos, there are other legal products where players can enjoy legal gaming and betting in the majority of States:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Horse and Greyhound Racing
  • Social Gaming

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting allows players to win real money and feel more connected to their favourite sports league by picking and setting a line-up of professional athletes that will accumulate points based on their actions in the game or match they are playing that day. NFL fantasy football is by far the most popular, but other leagues in the fantasy sports sphere include Major league Baseball (MLB), the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Horse and Greyhound Racing are two of the oldest betting activities in the world. There are different type of races, tracks, breeds and ways to bet. The United States runs some of the most important and recognized racing tracks but it is only part of a larger global attraction. Contrary to common knowledge, there is a legal framework wherein gambling online on horse racing and greyhound racing is permissible in many US jurisdictions.

Different from other types of gambling, horse and greyhound betting is completely legal in the much of the United States. This is because of an expanded definition which was inserted in the interstate Horse Racing Act (15 USC §3001 et seq.) in the year 2000 which federally permitted interstate pari-mutuel wagers transmitted by phone or other electronic means. Additionally, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) enumerates a specific exception for horse and greyhound racing. Because of these federal permissions this type of gambling is regulated on a state by state basis each individual state grants the licenses.

While much of the US allows for online betting, there are still a number of states that don’t allow online gambling on horse or greyhound racing, which include, but are not limited to the following states:
Alaska; Arizona; Hawaii; New Jersey; Nevada; North Carolina; South Carolina; Utah; Virginia.

Social Gaming allows participation by players from all geographic locations (e.g. US, UK, EU, etc.) and includes casual games such as Simpsons Tapped Out and Candy Crush etc., and social casinos like Big Fish Casino and Zynga Poker. These gamesmay be played through a user’s browser, on tablets and mobile devices, and on web-based social platforms such as Facebook.

Sportsbooks - broadly speaking, there are no sports betting sites that are legal in the USA. However many off-shore sportsbooks accept players from the US. The owners of these sites are the ones that would face prosecution from the government and they would not accept US players if they believed that they would have a problem. Also, US government and federal laws refer to the operators of gambling sites, not the players. As far as we are aware, all relative Federal laws cover the operation of a website, not the actual placement of a wager. Where players can get in trouble is if they gamble underage. The age restrictions can depend on the State of residence and is usually either 18 or 21, so players should ensure that they check the law where they live. The offshore sites themselves will have their own age limits, again either 18 or 21, so check the sites when you apply to join.

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N.B. The above does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your legal representatives for any guidance with regard to compliance with United States laws or obtaining permission to conduct business in the United States or any other jurisdiction. This information is not intended to be relied on.

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